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Wood-aluminium windows

Wood-aluminium windows represent the constructions produced according to the state-of-the-art technologies. The combination of materials allows to achieve optimal results both in terms of reliability of constructions and in terms of their service life and other features.

Konstruktsiya derevo-alyuminiyevykh okon

Functionality of the wood-aluminium windows

Wood-aluminium structures from the company Fenster have a long list of advantages compared with translucent structures made from other materials.

  1. The use of wood in window construction gives windows all the benefits of solid wood structures – an exceptional durability, high levels of heat and sound insulation, ecological compatibility.
  2. The use of an aluminium frame increases the resistance to deformation and cracking and consequently makes the design more practical and durable.
  3. Wood-aluminium windows from the company Fenster are manufactured with the use of decorative aluminum linings from the German manufacturer GUTMANN. The linings of the CORA system are used in production.

Aesthetics of wood-aluminium windows

  1. The own production of the company Fenster tooled up in the up-to-date manner using the latest technologies allows to create both traditional rectangular windows, as well as constructions of more complex shapes, including round and arched ones.
  2. The coloring of wood-aluminum windows is done in color and shades of RAL color array; the outer side of the window is protected by aluminum, acting as a purely practical and decorative functions. The coloring can be carried out both on the inside and the outside of the structure.
  3. The combination of materials has allowed the company Fenster technologists to reduce the weight of window constructions, which is especially important for owners of apartments in old houses, where the weight is important.
  4. Windows made of wood and aluminum are also more resistant to deformation in operation. The aluminum cover plate protects the wood from direct exposure to atmospheric moisture and other harmful effects (fungi, bacteria).

The company Fenster use only the most reliable and proven materials and accessories in the production of wood-aluminum translucent structures. The reliability and durability are combined to advantage with aesthetics and levity in the products of Fenster.