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Windows from oak

Oak windows represent the constructions traditionally perceived as a kind of sign of well-being and good taste. Indeed, the oak wood with its absolutely unique pattern in combination with its incomparable strength and durability at all times is considered to be the remit of the nobility.


The base window configuration:

  • The used wood is OAK, combined, Deluxe
  • 3-layered glued lamellar wood, 78 mm
  • Accessories are from Siegenia (Germany)
  • Energy-efficient glazing, 40 mm
  • Drain bar

Advantages of windows from oak

The advantages of oak wooden constructions include their exceptional durability and strength. These features are provided by the natural properties of oak, as well as the peculiarities of preparing of this wood for industrial use. However, exactly this strength determines the only lack of oak wood, which is its high cost. It is because the treatment of solid wood is accompanied by rapid failure of cutting equipment and tools, or at least with a quickly emerging need for sharpening tools. In addition, much time should be spent to dry out dense wood in a quality manner, which is an additional burden in terms of pricing.

The aesthetics oak windows

The aesthetics of oak building structures-and oak windows are no exception, but the rule- is a special factor. Noble shades, depending on the variety of oak, are traditionally associated with aristocratic charm and unique style. Oak is hardly the only wood that does not need a tinting coating or other accentuation of its natural pattern. Thanks to wood density, the pattern emerges distinctively from the very beginning, but it is not mannered. Oak windows from the company “Fenster” will delight you with their elegance and reliability.

It is also impossible to side-step the issue of ecological compatibility and a positive impact on health. The ecological compatibility of oak wooden constructions is exceptional. Due to the exceptional location density of wood fibers, these constructions provide optimal atmosphere at home, protect from cold in winter and heat in summer. And even atmospheric impacts on such windows are minimal by reason of the minimal water absorption.

The healing power of oak

Traditionally, oak windows were installed in the premises performing a kind of sacral function. Being a high and mighty tree, oak as if broadcasted its overwhelming strength to man. The oak wood was often used to build bath houses (bath house played an important role in many rituals of ancient Slavs), and then, in case of various diseases, in addition to incantations and herbal decoctions, patients were advised to visit a bath house, if not for warming up, but at least for sleeping there. Today’s science could explain the effects of such therapy-it is hidden in tannin, a substance, which is present in the oak wood.

Windows from oak are more than just a reliable and durable constructions, matching almost any classical interior, but also a unique style, the aristocratism and a sign of good taste of their owner.

Color range of oak windows