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Sliding systems

Sliding systems entered the market of windows and balcony glazing not long ago. First of all, this happened due to the novelty of several technologies that provide large areas of simultaneous glazing, the minimum area for the opening of such windows, while the heat indoors is preserved. Sliding constructions “Portal” became the Solomonic decision, which provided practically unlimited possibilities for glazing of entire walls for designers and home owners.

Razdvizhnyye sistemy

Benefits of sliding systems

Sliding systems possess an exceptional ability to save space. So, even if a room is very limited in terms of free space (and in terms of space for classic hinged windows), sliding systems allow the optimal way to organize the interior. And if necessary, they turn the enclosed space into continuation of a terrace or a loggia.

For the majority of Western European countries, sliding window systems (including floor-to-ceiling windows, which are doors at the same time) are a traditional solution. They are ideal for a spacious mansion, and for a small house for a family of a modest competence. Even limited space, having such windows, expands and is filled with light, air and freedom due to the intensity of natural lighting.

Functional principle of sliding systems

The operating principle of the sliding system “Portal” is quite simple. The casement is placed parallel to the wall, in which the window area is located. After pressing a handle, the casement of the window (or window-door) moves with a gentle motion on rails toward the opening, and back in the direction of closing. There is no need to leave space to open a window in case of a sliding system.

The company Fenster was one of the first to offer its customers the ability to maintain and expand the living space of the house due to sliding systems. There is space-saving, saving of time and effort; and without any doubt, home interior is enriched due to the inclusion of environment or space of your loggia into it.

Unlike hinged windows, sliding systems are more durable, and it is explained: if the weight of a hinged window burdens hinges, it is distributed along the guide in case of sliding systems. This, in its turn, significantly reduces mechanical stress on the entire construction, eliminates distortion of the window in the course of time and provides safety accessories. The service life of such structures, whether they are conventional or “French” windows, is considerably longer than those of the hinged structures.

Application of sliding systems

Besides the window areas, sliding systems “Portal” are also used for glazing of balconies and loggias. The optimized construction can be installed for external glazing and in the space between a balcony/loggia and a room. No matter how the loggia is used- as an additional space for household needs, such as drying clothes, a place of rest or a winter garden- a sliding system will make for your interior much more than you could even imagine. There is a wide range of accessories and fittings for sliding systems at the disposal of the company Fenster, thanks to which any construction will perfectly fit into any interior and exterior of the building.

The company Fenster offers only certified sliding systems with the quality guarantee.

Possible proportions

The proportions of sliding systems are defined by the sizes of a window area or the wishes of the client. The experience of the experts of the company Fenster allows you to install even casements, the size of which is 2 meters in height and up to 2.5 meters in width. This construction, despite its seeming massiveness, can be moved even by the weakest member of the family. In the meantime, it provides reliable protection from unauthorized access from the outside.

Examples of sliding systems` opening