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Pine windows

Due to their low price and availability, pine windows are the most popular among coniferous species used in the production of wooden windows and doors. Pine is considered one of the most long-living species on Earth. The best quality is proper for the wood derived from trees at the age of 70-130 years. It is characterized by the density of 440-540 kg/m 3, which ensures its good features such as compression and stretching.


The base window configuration:

  • The used wood is PINE, combined, Deluxe
  • 3-layered glued lamellar wood, 78 mm
  • Accessories from Siegenia (Germany)
  • Energy-efficient glazing, 40 mm
  • Drain bar

Pine wood is relatively durable, strong and at the same time, it is elastic, easy in handling, insulates thermally. The high content of thus leads to sustainable moisture resistance, however, at pretty high temperatures, the thus can go through the paintwork of products. Pine wood has a bright color, which can be effectively covered both by conventional polishes and turquoise ones. Windows are produced in all versions of 68 mm, 78 mm and 88 mm.

Pine wood windows are often chosen by people, who appreciate and like the naturalness and impeccable aesthetic appearance. This wood is considered a noble and durable material that is used in construction for many years, thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and ease in handling. Modern wooden windows provide users comfort, functionality and elegant appearance. Wood is a renewable raw material, completely safe for the environment. Pine wood windows from our company are a guarantee of the highest quality on the market, as we choose the first-grade wood without blue and knots for their production. We offer various window sizes and shapes for our clients.

Color scheme of pine windows