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Larch windows

Siberian larch is one of coniferous species of great industrial importance due to the special properties of wood. Unlike other coniferous species, larch is not an evergreen tree, i.e. it gets rid of its needle-like leaves for winter. Larch reaches up to 50 meters in height, its thickness at the base can be up to 2.5 meters.

The exceptional operational characteristics of larch as industrial wood were rated by our ancestors thousands of years ago. However, despite many artificial materials, larch wood finds its application in construction and finishing works.


The base window configuration:

  • The used wood is LARCH, combined
  • 3-layered glued lamellar wood, 78 mm
  • Accessories are from Siegenia (Germany)
  • Energy-efficient glazing, 40 mm
  • Drain bar

Advantages of windows made of larch

The advantages of larch include exceptional strength of wood, exceeding the comparable index even of an oak wood, as well as resistance to insects and decay (through a unique for wood species content of natural gum in its resin). Regarding the hardness of the larch wood, though it is inferior to the oak wood in its fresh state, over time, it becomes only stronger.

Durability and reliability of larch are confirmed in practice: there are window frames in the Winter Palace (Saint Petersburg), the interior decoration of St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow), the parquet flooring in the palace of the counts Sheremetyev in Ostankino (Moscow), which were created two or three centuries ago, are perfectly preserved up to the present time. However, not only on the territory of present-day Russia, people knew and appreciated the true value of the larch wood sustainability: thus, for more than a thousand years, the larch piles keep Italian Venice, the Pearl of the world architecture.

The aesthetics of windows made of larch

The color range of larch is also special- a dozen of shades of larch are distinguished. None of coniferous wood species can provide such a diversity. And given the high natural protective characteristics of this wood, which does not actually need additional processing, a steady demand for products from larch is quite justified.

Processing of larch

However, to keep the larch wood operational characteristics literally for centuries, it must be dried and processed in a special way. The secrets of ancient craftsmen, who had processed the larch in a special way before its use in construction and decoration were, unfortunately, lost, and only in the late twentieth century, experts developed the new technologies of processing of this wood, fantastic in every sense of the word. Designers are happy to have picked up the opportunity to use this material in both construction and decoration, as well as for creation of exclusive Interior items.

Color range of larch windows