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What Do We Have to Offer?

Current construction and interior design trends place major emphasis on using exclusively natural materials, timber being one of them. Taking into consideration the ecological properties of timber windows and their performance, it is hardly a surprise that so many people prefer to install them in their country houses, apartments, and offices. However, purchasing timber windows one needs to be aware of their physical structure and to realize the differences between different types of wood. Quality wooden items are made out of such types of wood as oak, larch, pine, beech, and mahogany.

Timber windows manufacture

The process of timber window manufacture involves using high quality 3-layer bonded timber. Wooden window frames cost more than those made of plastic. Some of the factors that influence the final price include type of wood and the way it was processed. It is absolutely natural that mahogany frames cost more than pine ones. This does not mean, however, that pine windows have poor performance. As a rule, fir tree timber windows are quite reliable and functional. Phytoncides that are characteristic of fir tree wood have positive impact on human health, physical and emotional well-being, and in addition to this, they fill the house with a pleasant aroma.

Modern timber window frames with glass units are definitely different from the window frames manufactured according to the standards that existed earlier. They have better quality due to the introduction of a whole new set of technologies and materials, which are used during the production process. Some of these technologies include making window and door frames with a cutter, bonded in layers; use of perimeter fittings, as well as other innovative types of furniture, aluminum pads, silicone mastic and gaskets in the respective canals of the shutter perimeter.

Types of timber windows

Timber windows are not only beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, but they also give you a change to enjoy nature without leaving home. Natural larch, oak, pine, and exotic woods of your preferred color transform both the exterior and the interior of your house, highlight the color of the house and its façade, and in addition to this, give them a distinctive, unique appearance. Having installed quality windows, you may be sure that your house will be warm and there will be no heat loss. Our products are made of durable materials, which guarantee good heat conserving, whatever glass unit you choose. Larch, pine, or oak windows will make your home more beautiful and safe.

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Timber windows can create a highlight of the décor of any living or commercial space. Just choose the wood type and color and enjoy your windows!

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